Itunes Connect Redesign

Apple’s ITunes Connect allows providers to access how their apps are doing on the app store but can providers open it and easily get helpful information on how there apps are doing in the app store? The answer is no and there are countless reviews saying how terrible this mobile app is. It should work a lot better, especially coming from Apple and it hasn’t been updated for over a year!

The Challenge

Redesign and rebuild Apples ITunes Connect App to provide users with a satisfying way to see how well their apps are doing.

Research & Analysis

I conducted two methods or research: Heuristic Evaluation and User Reviews Analysis. I started with the Heuristic Evaluation to scrutinise the ITunes Connect mobile app and get better insights.


Apples Mobile App: ITunes Connect Version 3.2.3

After scrutinising the user experience of Apples ITunes Connect app in version 3.2.1 I come to the evaluation conclusions:

  • Poor views with data not laid out in a usable way such as on the ‘Trends-All-Paid’ screen there are 0 downloads but the view is open and left blank.
  • Useful information isn’t clearly presented. there is a separate 7 day and one week option which make the app hard to understand.
  • Too many tabs in the Trends section so I feel this needs to be simplified for the user.
  • I feel the search feature doesn’t need to be so prominent as a whole separate tab and could be implemented in the App Analytics section.


App Store Reviews

Mostly one star reviews from the app, some users say it does the job and nothing more, with no frills and little innovation others say the app has no functionality that is useful and want to mainly perform functions they can do in the ITunes Connect website like responding to reviews. The negative reviews keep going on and on and it seems like Apple is about to abandon this app.


I clustered the data from the evaluation and reviews into thematic groups

I narrowed this down to 5 tangible problems::

  1. Views: These don’t work well as the data presented isn’t right for the user. Users want to see the 1 day sales which would be data from the previous day on the main screen instead of seeing 7 day sales first.

  2. Website Version: Drastically different data to what is on the web. The mobile app doesn’t show the same results as the web, this can become confusing to the user.

  3. Search Tab: Don’t make the search! Developers don’t think the search tab really helps them as they prefer to see all their apps at once instead of searching.

  4. Rating & Reviews: Ability to reply to reviews. Seeing the latest reviews by country in a single page sorted by date would help the users as selecting countries individually isn’t a good option as they have to pick from a lot of countries.

  5. Performance: Itunes Connect needs some designer love. People are switching to use other apps such as 'App Annie as the curent version has little value being offered. 


Insights from the Proto-Persona based of the evaluation and reviews


  1. Simplify Views: Display one day sales and sales overall

  2. Data Taken From Website: Restructure the information architecture, taking inspiration from ITunes Connect web platform

  3. Get Rid Of Searching: Remove the search bar as a tab and allow users to see their apps all at once.

  4. Improve Ratings & Review: Allow the ability to reply to reviews and sort reviews by date, having the latest reviews on a single page.


ITunes Connect New Site Map

High Fidelity Designs


In Apple’s other apps like ‘App Store’ you can view account information on almost every tab so I took inspiration from this as I liked the design.

Analytics: The user can see Yesterday after they login to the app and then have the ability to customise the Last 7 Days by clicking ‘Filter’ to a custom date or other options such as Last Mont

It works in a similar way to Apple Music where you can select an app or view all of them if you click on the blue bar at the bottom.

Result: The Case Study got great feedback on medium with over 50 likes!