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Redesigning ECHO Maps

Before Image After Image

Before & After

I was tasked with redesigning ECHO Maps to provide users with a satisfying way to view GPS trail data so supervisors can see info about vehicles such as whether or not they are speeding. Users complained that the map screen was outdated and clunky.




Existing Resources menu

Resource Updated

Proposed Resources Menu

  • The users can sort by ‘Recent/Oldest GPS Data’ which shows the Resources with the recent time displayed.
  • We've removed the text ‘Unknown Location’ as this didn't help the user in any way. 
  • The number of Resources has been put in the tab menu to free up more space.
  • The map icon is displayed all the time and not just on hover.

Layers Panel

Layers Menu Old

Existing Layers menu

Layers Menu Updated Edt

Updated Layers Menu

  • The layers panel has been removed from the right side of the screen and moved to be on the map on the left side next to the ‘Resources’ tab.
  • When the user clicks ‘Hide Layers on the map’, it shows all the Resources in the Resources tab and deselects the Resources showing in the layers panel.
  • User can click 'Minimise Layers' to hide the layers on the map, allowing more space to show.
  • When the Layers Panel is minimised 'Show Layers' is displayed, shownin the number of layers, as seen below.
Show Layers

Updated Layers Panel

Clustered Markers

old markers

Old Clustered Markers and Vehicles


Updated Clustered Markers and Vehicles

  • Instead of Clustered Markers being set by the colour of how may vehicles there are in an area they are set by the Resource Colour by having doughnut cluster markers around the edge. Three colours are shown in the example because there are 3 types of services the user is doing. 
  • The vehicles havve been made clearer by making the background colour the resource colour instead of the vehicle.

Fit to Map (New Feature)

Fit to map

Fit to map feature

  • If you have zoomed in or out on the map, you may not be able to see your entire vehicles at once. Use Fit to Map to show your entire vehicles immediately on the map. The Fit to Map button is always available on the top left for easy access once the user has added a resource to the layer. 

Search (New Feature)


Search filter

  • If the user has a lot of Resources in the Resources panel they might have a hard time locating the name of the Resource and navigating to it on the map so the search functionality helps with this.

Map Terrain 

Map Types

Old Map Terrain View

Map Terrain

Updated Map Terrain View

Show Map Types

Map terrain view minimised

  • Users can show/hide the map type view now so they have more room to explore the map
  • The view doesn’t take up so much space by placing it at the bottom of the screen allowing the existing space to be taken up by the layers panel. 


The prototype was a success and users liked the new layout.

Interface Improvements Screen 1

Updated Maps Screen