Posture Corrector tracks your posture over the course of your workday in real time by using a machine learning module that determines if your posture is right or not through live video. 


After experiencing back problems at work from sitting down too much I was eager to find solutions using the latest technologies such as machine learning.


Researching existing applications was the first major hurdle that helps with your posture to see what is missing in this area. After identifying the applications,

Questions I was asking myself was what is a common platform that I can host this application on?


Screenshot 2021-03-15 at 13.31.02

Above: An example of the existing Posture applications on the chrome web store.


To tackle these challenges, I first saw the current posture applications on the chrome browser plugins as this is a platform that users have access to all the time. These applications just had a way for the user to set reminders for when to sit up straight but didn’t have any live video showing the user how to sit.

I saw from in the reviews from some applications that notification messages were annoying, and they didn’t like the language used. The messages didn’t appear when set. Finding a way to build a machine learning module wasn’t going to be easy but I did spend a considerable amount of time on getting the custom machine learning module that I build on to be exported and converted to a web app for Chrome. Unfortunately converting it to a web app didn’t work so I found ‘Teachable Machine’ by Google where you can machine learning models for web easily.

I wanted to create a specific language for the application so users could enjoy it more, so I added English slang for whether your posture is good or not.


Above: Design System

Above: Updated home screen


The result was a fun application that uses a machine learning module to see if your posture is good or not through your web cam that lets you see how your posture is over the course of the week and allows you to set reminders.

Currently the application is being developed and I hope to release it soon.


Above: Final Version