Working with sprintw/sap, a leading design company that uses 4-day design sprints to solve problems I had thd opportunity to go to LA and take part in a design sprint for their client who was looking to build a platform to help match people to community based housing. 


Three of us took part in the design sprint in LA where we had an initial conversation with the owner of the startup to find out more about the project. 

We begin setting up exactly the methods we where going to do on the 4-day design sprint. On days 1 and 2 we decided to collaborate as a team and generate the ideas provided by the owner

on day 3 and 4 we wanted to allow this time to build and test the prototype giving the client ideas about what to do after the sprint is over. 


Above: Gathering ideas from our research on day 1


sap image1

On day 1 and 2 of the design sprint we set a long term goal and defined 3 different types of users: The Owners, Tenants and Hosts. The goal we defined was helping hosts/community managers create a profile and add new listing for an available property. We create initial sketches and user flows with the client based around the goal. 

sap generating ideas

Above: Reviewing designs and brainstorming as a team

On day 3 and 4 we conducted user testing to see what people thought of our prototype with a usability questionnaire and prepared a detailed report with insights on for the client.

sap user testing

Above: Conducting user testing during the last day of the sprint

Above: Design System

Above: Updated home screen


The usability score was 83.5, above the industry average of 68, users thought the landing page and navigation was clean but were unsure about how to discover communities as a user.

sap compnay

Above: Final version of the landing page